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At Meridian Contracting, we use Xactimate, the industry-standard pricing software trusted across the risk industry. Specializing in insurance restoration claims, we've invested in a premium Xactimate subscription to streamline pricing and resolve negotiation disputes effectively.

Why Choose Us?

Unlike many contractors, we utilize Xactimate to establish precise damage scopes during adjuster meetings. With Xactimate's predetermined pricing standards, bidding processes become unnecessary. Rest assured, our expertise combined with Xactimate ensures accurate pricing adjustments for any overlooked damage or additional claim items.

Industry Trust

Xactimate stands tall as an industry beacon, renowned for its precision and reliability in property claims. Trusted by insurance agents and restoration professionals alike, its structured approach and extensive database guarantee that each estimate reflects current market conditions, reinforcing the credibility and accuracy of our assessments.

Your Legal Right

Regardless of your insurer's preferences, remember, you hold the legal right to choose your home contractor. Your roofing contractor should be your strongest ally in navigating dealings with your insurance provider.

Transparent Process

In reality, insurance claim estimates are largely shaped by standardized software like Xactimate, leveraging vast construction data for accurate estimates. Your insurer might already have a ballpark figure for your roof replacement before a contractor even provides a quote.

Our Commitment

By partnering with Meridian Contracting, you ensure your roofing project is handled with precision, transparency, and adherence to industry standards. Our commitment to utilizing Xactimate guarantees accurate and fair pricing, every step of the way.

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